19th Century Guitars

Some examples of 19C instruments:

Gary Stewart on Thames 19C Guitars

Gary Stewart Classical Guitar

Gary Stewart

When I decided to finally have a luthier build me a 19th century guitar, I wanted to work with a luthier that was willing to accept my ideas, had relevant experience and also had an original 19th century guitar in their possession. Michael Thames fit the bill. From the get go, we looked at this project as a joint exploration of 19th century guitar construction. Michael incorporated my research on 19th century guitar construction with that of his own experience, and from this collaboration his Pons model was born. What makes Michael such a great luthier is his willingness to work with whomever he makes a guitar for. His 19th century guitar is the most accurate modern representation of a 19th century replica I have ever played. These guitars may appear small, but they will easily fill a concert hall. The Pons’ guitar has amazing sustain, and the balance is even throughout. Not only is the Pons perfect for 19th century music, but it also works well for Baroque and renaissance repertoire. Don’t let the size fool you; great things come in small packages!

Photos from a 19C Guitar Build

19C Classical Guitar Bracing


19C Classical Guitar Top

Not Strung Up

19C Classical Guitar Rosette


19C Classical Guitar Bracing

Bracing Again